Manufacture For Your Own Brand

Why use Lessiters?

1. Most trade and wholesale manufacturers use Belgium chocolate couvertures but we like to be a little different and use specially selected Swiss chocolate couvertures made for us. We choose to use only high quality ingredients in all our chocolates and truffles.
2. Our experience and expertise gives us a strong base from which to work on new and innovative concepts, including creating cutting-edge chocolates and truffles.
3. We have a state of the art manufacturing site which is British Retail Consortium Accredited – Grade A. We are also accredited to the Organic Food Federation and are HACCP compliant.

BRC Certificate

And if these are not enough reasons, we also make our chocolates with Sunshine – from solar energy at our factory to reduce our carbon footprint and promote responsible and sustainable manufacturing.

Chocolates and Truffles
Our specially selected creations are available and can be previewed through our online shop. We can also make special flavours subject to volumes starting at 100 kg (10,000 pieces) for foiled 10g chocolates or volumes start at 140kg-160kg (11,000 – 13,000 pieces) for enrobed 12.5g truffles.

80g Bars
As a guide the minimum run is 5,000 bars per flavour. We have a basic mould but for special designs moulds would need to be designed and purchased – we can help in this process as we have contacts with some good mould manufacturers.

Foiled milk chocolate hearts
We have a wide variety of colours available through our online shop. For certain other foil colours we can make runs subject to a minimum of 24kg.

Finished retail boxes
We ask for a minimum of 5,000 boxes.

Seasonal Christmas figures and Easter eggs and hollow figures
We have some moulds but usually moulds need to be specially designed and purchased- we can help in this process as we have contacts with some good mould manufacturers.